About The Tours

A ghost tour around Provo is both a historical journey and a trip through a spooky side of what seems like a quiet town. First impressions of Provo are usually all the same. A quiet, medium-sized city where nothing happens. That is far from the truth, though. A city founded in 1850 has plenty of secrets to discover. 

Started in 2016, the driving force behind this is to create one of the best things to do in Provo. From people on a first date, married couples, groups of friends to the solo ghost hunter everyone seems to love biking the streets of Provo looking to be spooked and entertained. With two routes to take now, past participants can enjoy a whole new ghost tour experience!

Single Ticket

Admission for one person to come on the only bicycle ghost tour in Utah! Prepare yourself for a night you won’t soon forget. Come alone or come alone with some friends!

Date Night Special

Bringing someone to hang on to in case you get scared is just the smart thing to do. This includes two tickets to the ghost tour.

Bicycle Rental

Don’t have a bike but still want to enjoy some ghost stories? We’ve got you covered. Choose your ride and it will be waiting for you when you come to the tour.

Group Rates

We love accommodating groups! Contact us for group rates of more than 10 people. We can even do it on a different night than usual if you want a tour all to yourselves.

Phone: (385) 312-0456

Email: pedalprovo@gmail.com

Got more questions? Check out our FAQ.

Why do people like going on tours?

Did you know that the tour industry is the third largest segment of the travel industry after air and accommodation? People are also more likely to spend more on sightseeing than on shopping, souvenirs and nightlife combined. This insatiable need to explore places where we visit or live is why tours are so great.

While everyone wants to know more about their city, it is hard to know where to start. Driving around a city gives you no time to get out and explore and walking takes so long that you are tired before having traveled that far. Cycling gives you the perfect middle of speed and ability to enjoy the sights. As Ernest Hemingway once said, “It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them.”


Why Bicycles?

Can you remember biking as a kid? For most people biking was an essential part of being a child. It was freedom before you were old enough to drive. Can you remember the feeling of the wind whipping through your hair and filling you with that exhilarating feeling only bicycles can produce. Bicycling is associated with so many great memories and feelings that it makes an already fun thing to do even better. 

It is practical transportation. If we did the same tour route on foot it would take 3 times as long. We are able to visit a lot more places in an hour and a half than we could have otherwise. 

Bikes makes this the best ghost tour in Utah. We are the only bicycle tour in all of Utah and we are proud of that. There are other walking tours and some that use buses but if you want to bike and hear spooky ghost stories at the same time we are the only option.

Bicycling feels more like an adventure. Since most people don’t bike everyday it makes this a unique activity and if you do bike everyday then you’ll love this even more. 

Since biking releases all of those feel-good chemicals like endorphins and adrenaline it makes this a great date idea. We do 75% of the work and you just need to show up and be the icing on the cake.

Don’t have a bike? No worries! We rent some great bicycles!

Who are Pedal Provo Ghost Tours made for?

Date Night

We at Pedal Provo pride ourselves on inventing a new dating term, “Discourse to Diversion Ratio.” This represents the amount of time you can chat with your date compared to the amount of time you are entertained by the activity you are doing. For example, seeing a movie in a theater has a low discourse to diversion ratio because you can’t talk at all. On the other end of the spectrum is eating dinner, since there is nothing to do but talk any lull in conversation might be seen as awkward silence. A bicycle ghost tour has the ideal ratio of being entertained and being able to get to know your date because every 10-15 minutes you hear a ghost story.

Married Couples

Netflix and chill describes most married couples’ evening activity. Unless you have kids and then it’s bedflix and panic. Taking time to get back to what created your relationship in the first place is important for any marriage. Date nights are important to fill with things that make you remember why you love your spouse. There aren’t many better ways to rekindle that fire than taking a bike ride through Provo, learning history and getting scared at the same time. You’ll feel like you’re 21 again in no time yet with the stability that comes with being married. Count yourself lucky that you’ll never have to go through another terrible doorstep goodbye.


A lot of people come on these tours alone or with a group of friends. The best part about coming by yourself is as soon as you arrive we are all part of the same group so you aren’t alone anymore. Grab a few friends or a family member and never let them forget their faces when the fear that Provo is haunted sets in. Going through a scary experience will make you feel closer to whomever you are with.