Join the Pedal Provo Family!

As the only bicycle ghost tour in the US, possibly the world, we’ve got some unique challenges and even more unique opportunities to give people an awesome experience that they’ll never forget.

We are stoked that you’re interested in joining our crusade to show people how much fun biking can be and how awesome of a town Provo is. Keep reading to see if you fit the description for what makes a great Pedal Provo Tour guide.

After reading the job descriptions below please reach out to Derek at and send him your resume or why would make a great bike tour guide and he will contact you about an interview.

Job Description:

Being a bicycle ghost tour guide consists of guiding people on bikes around Provo and stopping at various haunted locations around the city. This includes meeting everyone at the starting point with their rental bikes, guiding them around Provo, telling 6-8 ghost stories and doing it all with a contagious, borderline annoying, enthusiasm. Passion for the paranormal, while helps, isn’t necessary.

Typical tour are 8:00-11:30 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. You will be able to pick which nights you want to lead tours and are not expected to do it every time.


  • You must own and be proficient at riding a bicycle
  • You must know how to do basic repairs on a bike which includes
    • Replacing tubes on the side of the road
    • Putting chains back onto gears if it falls off
    • Adjusting derailleurs
    • Adjusting saddle heights

Guiding Tours

  • You must love interacting with people and be able to connect quickly with people with various personality types
  • You must be great at telling stories and love to have a captive audience
  • You must be very familiar with Provo and have a passion for the city. People who grew up in Utah County are preffered but it’s not necessary.
  • Problem solving skills on the fly are important
  • Profficiency at Instagram and knowledge of how to take good photos is preffered
  • You must own your own vehicle. Having a tow hitch is preferred for towing the rental bikes