Hi! My name is Derek Jacobs. My idea for Pedal Provo Ghost Tours started in October of 2013. I went on a bicycle ghost tour myself and to this day I think it is one of the best date activities I have ever been on. Not because the storytellers were amazing or because I was scared, even though I was, it was how everything came together as one that made that evening so memorable. I felt more connected to my date, more knowledgeable about the city and I spent a few hours biking, which I love to do anyway.

In the spring of 2016, I was thinking one night about what I could do to help the night-life in Provo be more… lively. I wanted to start a business where I could not only create a unique brand but also explore my passions of cycling and storytelling simultaneously. My mind went back to that chilly fall night in 2013 and the thought of opening my own bicyle tour business almost seemed too perfect. A quick search showed no other bicycle ghost tours in Provo so I set out getting a business license, building a website and crafting a company that I hope will bring everyone who comes enjoyment and a healthy amount of fright.

It is my greatest goal that those who come on the ghost tours will leave with a love for cycling and a perspective that life is short and full of tragedy so we need to savor every moment we have. I hope you can feel the swirl of emotions created by intrigue of the paranormal and the elation of biking that I felt in 2013 and still feel on every tour.

I’m stoked to meet you in person and even more excited to see your face when you realize that Provo is indeed haunted!