If you are reading this blog having already done everything in Provo, now you want to know what else you can do right? The ideas listed below may be a little out of the ordinary but you’re in for a good time no matter which one you go with.

Break into the Old Utah County Jail-

This one is not only an amazing idea, it’s also illegal so it ticks all the adrenaline boxes. It is a real life abandoned jail that is filled to the brim with paranormal activity. The horror/thriller movie, “Inside” was filmed there and the cast said that they heard a lot of strange noises and felt some creepy presences. If you do get caught, though, don’t tell the cops you got the idea here.

Climb Trees in Memorial Park-

Almost every kid remembers climbing trees to precarious heights only to wish that the tree went higher. The trees in Memorial park are the perfect trees for climbing with plenty of height and branches spaced like they were meant for your inner 9-year-old. There’s also an old anti-aircraft gun that’s surrounded by a fence so short it’s like they’re daring you to sit on it and pretend to shoot down Nazis.

Paint Someone’s Face-

This works as a pretty unique date idea and if you are watching The Office all the way through for the fourth time you should probably branch out. Don’t tell them what you are painting so that way it’s a surprise. You could find a themed dance somewhere in Utah and paint your face for that. Go to a superhero movie that’s still in theaters and paint your faces like your favorite character. If you want to paint your face like a ghost or something scary that’d be perfect for a ghost tour. You just might be the spookiest thing on the ride.


Launch Water Balloons at Freshmen-

While this idea is again, illegal, what isn’t in Provo? You can buy a launcher here and these things soar. Head over to Helaman Halls and seek cover at night to see who you can scare. Try not to actually hit anyone but get close enough where they have no idea what’s going on. Don’t do this for too long because if someone alerts the authorities you will be in trouble if caught. Again, you did not read this here.


Try to Hold Hands with Random people at BYU-

Back in 2012, this video went viral and it’s pretty cool that it happened just up the road at UVU in Orem. Basically, the guy walks beside random people and tries to hold their hand. This takes some real guts but you’d get a great video out of it and I’m sure everyone you try it on would be a good sport.

Go antique shopping in downtown Provo-

There are a couple of really cool antique shops along downtown in Provo. There is Block 100 and Cat’s Cradle Antiques to explore. They have a wide range of stuff and spending an hour looking at everything is easy. To make it more interesting you could pretend you are at an antiques roadshow and make up stories about an item and film yourself telling it.


Go to a Farmers Market-

If you want the best fruit you have ever tasted, the Provo Farmer’s Market is the place to go. They only operate in the summer but it is well worth the trip one Saturday to grab some of the best peaches you’ll ever have. If you are feeling especially bored or adventurous try selling something. The market has much more than just food and you could probably set up a backdrop that everyone would want to take a picture in front of and put on their Instagram. You could charge $1 per picture and at least make the vendor fee back. If you have a professional camera and a way to get them the pic instantly, you may be able to charge more and jumpstart a career at the same time.


Volunteer at CASFB-

CASFB stands for Community Action Services and Food Bank. If you feel like doing service for those struggling in our community this is the perfect place to do. The best way to volunteer is to contact someone who works there and see what they need help with. They also have some really cool services you could try like a community garden to grow your own veggies without having to own a house and an industrial-sized kitchen if you want to bake 500 of anything.

Dance Party in a Parking Garage-

There are a of couple places in Provo where impromptu dance parties are pretty awesome, if you’re into that kind of thing. Few places in Provo have the acoustic prowess of the underground parking lot at BYU. You can only enter traveling south and here is a link to help you find it. You can’t park there after 2 AM but the campus shuts down at midnight so 1 AM is the perfect time to crank the tunes. Of course, you run the risk of getting caught by campus security, but you won’t be breaking any laws or rules so the worse that will happen is being told to leave. If you have Spotify, here is a great EDM playlist to use or for a more general dance playlist you could use this one.


Have a Bonfire in Provo Canyon

A classic activity that you have to do at least once. So if you haven’t yet, make plans soon. Here is an awesome post that lists every fire pit up Provo Canyon. If you haven’t heard yet, it is a classic Utah thing to roast Starbursts over a fire. Don’t hate it till ya try it. You know you cooked the candy long enough when the outside is a little crispy and the middle is melted.


There are lots of fun things to do in Provo even on the most boring of days. So don’t let people tell you that there’s nothing to do, it just takes some imagination sometimes.