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Pedal Provo Ghost Tour Logo

Come for an unforgettable night of
spooks and spokes as we bike
through a spookier side of P-Town.

Come for an unforgettable night of spooks and spokes as we bike through a spookier side of P-Town.

Thanks so much to everyone who made 2017 so amazing! We will be back the Spring of 2018 as soon as the weather permits which is typically mid-March.

Check out our intro video below to get a better feel for what a Pedal Provo Ghost Tour is really like!

From the easily frightened to the hardened ghost-hunter, everyone enjoys a Pedal Provo ghost tour for these reasons and more.

Ghost Stories

From kids to adults, everyone loves good ghost stories. We only tell true, historical stories.


Everyone gets excited by a unique activity. This is the only cycling ghost tour in Utah!


Almost everything in Provo closes early. Finally, something awesome that starts late at night.


A completely supported fun and easy bike ride with a guide. Don’t have a bike? Rent one from us!

Hear what past ghost hunters have to say about our tours!

“Pedal Provo was a truly unique and worthwhile experience. It was well worth the money, and I recommend it to my friends whenever they ask about date ideas. Thanks for the awesome date night!”

Devin S.

“This was so fun! It was such a unique experience I felt like we got some exercise but it wasn’t overly difficult or strenuous. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to break their normal cycle of boring Provo dates!”


Lizzy W.


We ride around Provo stopping at various haunted and historical locations around the city. At each location, your tour guide will tell you a story that actually happened at that spot. You get to learn more about an old city and are sure to be a little frightened in the process.

We are very passionate about biking and story-telling and are sure that passion will be felt by each of our tour attendees. Whichever of our two routes you take all of our ghost stories about Provo are true so you may never see the city the same way again.


The Only Cycling Ghost Tour in Utah

Ghost Tours in Utah are awesome. You’ll see that our ghost tours around Provo are one of the most fun things to do in all of Utah. We ensure such a great experience by following many proven methods in the bicycle touring industry. We may not be biking across Italy, but we take our bicycle journey through Provo just as seriously.

The main difference between a tour and a solo ride around Provo is the tour guide and we know that. Our tour guides are all Utah natives and could tell you more stories than we have time for on the tour. They are super passionate about cycling, storytelling and the paranormal. You are sure to catch their enthusiasm for all three on every tour. Having a tour guide also means that if you bring a date you won’t have to do all the talking. We pride ourselves on having a great ratio between riding time, which is ideal to hold conversations, and time listening to ghost stories, which are sure to captivate even the most devout nonbeliever.

Another important aspect is the tour group size. The average group is between 8-12 people which allows for a very personalized experience and yet gives you the comfort that if we do see a ghost, it may not bother us because of our numbers. Our guides love getting to know the people on each tour so feel free to chat away and grill them with any questions about bicycles or ghosts that you may have.



group listening to utah ghost tour


Please don’t hesitate to call, text or email us with any questions or inquiries. You can also try looking at our About or FAQ page to see if you can find an answer.

Phone: (385) 312-0456

Email: contact@pedalprovo.com