A car in Provo is so much more than freedom; it is a place where you can be alone with your girl/boyfriend. Not being allowed to have the opposite sex in bedrooms in BYU housing is tough because how do you get to know someone when there’s always that one roommate who can’t take a hint to go to bed. With a car though you can drive wherever you want and then finally do what you wanted to do all day. Here is a list of the 5 best places to kiss in Provo and what makes them so special. You can now never say that there aren’t things to do in Provo again.

The rating system is simple because the qualities that make a great spot are simple.

  • The View
  • The Lighting (or lack thereof)
  • The Traffic
  • Legality of being there

When a spot has a great view, little to no lighting, no traffic, and a Provo policeman isn’t going to knock on your window you have found the perfect spot. Each of the spots on this list has at least three of these qualities and one choice spot has all four. To make this even easier on you, each description has a link to a Google Map that will show you exactly where to go.

1. A solid make out spot that not too many people know about in Provo is in the Rock Canyon Trail Parking Lot.

  • The view of Provo is incredible and you can even see Utah Lake. This makes for an unbeatable sunset spot.
  • The parking lot is pretty well lit, but nothing deal breaking.  
  • The traffic is very minimal.
  • You can park legally all night if you wanted, it’s even on the signs.

2. Living in a college town is pretty special. There aren’t a lot of them in the country and memories made around BYU will be some of the fondest you make. This next make out spot is one most Cougar fans will appreciate. On the west side of LaVell Edwards Stadium is a giant parking lot. This spot ticks almost all the boxes.

  • If you are a football fan the view is great.
  • The lighting is good, but some street lights keep it from being perfect,
  • The traffic on the streets surrounding the parking lot is always there but no headlights will come in your window.
  • You could park there all night without anyone caring because people do it every night.

3. The more difficult a make out spot is to get to or the harder it is for conditions to be just right, the more special it is. This is how the Utah Lake State Park spot is. Some nights the front gates are closed, there doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason for when or why. That’s what makes this spot so amazing. Following this link will show you the exact perfect spot, there are no bugs and you are sure to be alone if you want to get out and kiss on the rocks to the sound of the lake.

  • Going during a full moon would make it more challenging yet the view would be unparalleled.
  • There aren’t any lights except the ones in the heavens.
  • Very little traffic. And people will give you space if they see another car.
  • This is the tough one. The park technically closes at 10:00 PM. That doesn’t always mean they close the gates at 10 though, so if the gates are open at 11 it’s a safe bet they will be open all night.

4. If you want a really good make out story this is the spot for you. The Provo City Cemetery rarely closes its main gate and there are parking stalls that are just begging to be used for something other than funerals. Sure, this is definitely the scariest of the spots, but the adventure may be worth it. Trying this on a first date is probably a bad idea though.

  • The view is interesting. The parking stalls are on the west side of the cemetery so you can park towards the west and not see a single tombstone. Face to the east and who -knows what you’ll see. (hint: it’s a graveyard)
  • Very few lampposts among the graves and they aren’t bright.
  • Basically no traffic. Who would drive around a cemetery at night anyway?
  • The cemetery closes at dusk, so it’s technically trespassing. This can either fuel the passion or earn you a flashlight in the face from the boys in blue.

5. The best was saved for last because it is the most temporary and checks all the boxes. This spot only works until they build houses around it, which could be in a couple of months. (See this gem here. The google map shows it as a construction zone but the app will have a road.)

  • The view is amazing, a full view of Provo and the lake.
  • No lights whatsoever. For now, that is.
  • Traffic? It’s a dead end so it’s only people who are thinking what you’re thinking.
  • It’s a public road so you definitely can’t get into trouble.