The saying that there is nothing to do in Provo is overused. As the third largest city by population and size in Utah there is plenty to do. Some things just require a little more digging and creativity. Here are 9 ideas that are sure to impress any date.

1. Boat Racing

Not too many people can afford real racing boats and that’s too dangerous for a date anyway. Around BYU campus on the south side there is a walking path and along that walking path is a stream that is perfect for paper boat racing. Here is a link to a great video on how to make a paper boat. To make it more fun try using different materials like cardstock or wax paper to see what floats better. After your boats are folding be sure to have markers or colored pencils to decorate!

2. Star Gazing

More like a post-date activity but still an awesome thing to do. The best place in Provo to go is up Provo Canyon in a park called South Fork Park. It gets cold up there even in the summer so make sure you bring plenty of blankets to lie on and cover up with. If you have a bean bag chair that works perfectly. This isn’t the best first date activity because snuggling is a must so if you aren’t there yet it might be better to wait.

3. Go Grill Something

Any park in Provo has grills and with just some charcoal and steaks you’ve got a date and a meal. Grilling takes a bit and that makes it the perfect time to get to know your date.

4. Spray Paint Canvases

You can get two canvases at Wal-Mart for $15, 4 colors of spray paint is another $10 and you just got the best kind of date, one where she can take something home to show off to all her friends. You can buy some painters tape to make lines and use old bowls to make circles.

5. Do service at the CASFB

That stands for Community Action Services and Food Bank. They are always looking for volunteers to sort food and help out. This is sure to be one of the most productive dates either of you have ever been on.

6. Go on a Bicycle Ride

Provo has great places to ride bicycles. The Provo Canyon trail is nice to ride on, it is quite busy though. Other great places to ride are trails near Utah Lake or around Provo City Cemetery. If you are looking for a more organized bike ride, a ghost tour around the city may work great or there are night rides every Monday night at Joaquins Park. BYU Outdoors Unlimited rents bicycles and Provo Beach Resort even rents beach cruisers.

7. Explore Downtown Provo

With 62 restaurants on Center Street in Provo you are spoiled for choice. Go without a plan and just see what looks good when you get there. Afterwards, the City Center Temple is right across the street or Comedy Sportz is always classic. If you are looking for an excuse to dress up or make your date think you like Shakespeare check out the Echo Theatre.

8. Visit the Provo Boardwalk

This gem is hidden in Bicentennial Park in south Provo. To get to the boardwalk walk south after the parking lot. The cool part about this place is that during the day it is a nice nature walk with lots of vegetation and wildlife. If you go at night it is a pretty creepy place that is fun to walk through and maybe teenagers will jump out and scare you.

9. Friday Night Lights

So you’ve heard of this one but it has got to be the most underutilized date in Provo. With two good football programs, Provo High and Timpview, in Provo almost every Friday you can find a game to go to.