A ghost story can be fun anytime. We think it gets even better when we can take an adventure to the destination that the story actually happened. Which is why we want to offer some awesome, well-tuned rides for anyone to rent. Most of our tour guides are bicycle mechanics so you know you’re getting a bike that works great and is tuned-up weekly.


Brava means “good” in Italian. As far as finding ghosts in Provo, it’s great. The black paint gives that stealth look that ghosts just can’t resist. This bike is a vintage steed and was made in the late 80’s. It’s got that smooth ride everyone talks about old bikes having. When considering strong yet suave, you can’t wrong with the Brava for any bike adventure around Provo. The Brava is best suited for someone 5’10” and taller.

Bianchi Brava


Eros is Greek for the word “Love” and you will feel that as you ride this stallion. Made by the Italian manufacturer Bianchi, this bike is built for a smooth, effortless ride no matter what. What about ghost hunting though? Well if anything paranormal were to chase you, this bike would get you out of danger. No worries though because on a Pedal Provo Ghost Tour nothing will be chasing you… we hope. The Eros is a great fit for someone 5’2″ or taller.


The Milano will quickly find a special place in anyone’s heart for being the most laid-back and comfy bike we offer at Pedal Provo. Like the city in Italy where it gets its name, this bike is beautiful and an excellent choice when it comes to traveling. The timeless style of a beach cruiser is modernized with its 8-speed internal shifting which is as smooth as it is dependable. This is the perfect bike for the first time/hesitant rider or any seasoned veteran. The Milano can fit almost anyone but 5′ and taller works best.

Bianchi Milano Celeste


This bike is named after the street where the bicycle maker Edoardo Bianchi had his first workshop in 1885. This bike is a much newer than that though. Made in 2012, it is an aluminum and carbon fiber dream ride. One of the smoothest and most comfortable bicycles you will ever ride makes this a worthy stallion to use while ghost hunting. The history of this bike is also a fascinating story that you will have to ask your tour guide about. The Nirone is perfect for anyone 5’8″ and taller.


Sport SX

This is a gorgeous bike for more reasons than it’s pearly blue paint. This fast yet comfortable ride is just what any ghost hunter looks for in a bike that won’t fail under pressure. Classic vintage never goes out of style and that’s what you get with the Sport SX. This bike is great for anyone 5’5″ to 5’9″.



This bike is named after an antelope native to West Africa. This bicycle won’t run when things get dicey though. No matter what ghost is shows up the Nyala will be your loyal companion through it all. Want to charge the paranormal spirit? Nyala won’t mind. Want to turn tail and run? It won’t think any less of you and will probably thank you once out of earshot of the other bicycles. Another bonus is it the only mountain bike we rent so feel free to trod the path less traveled. This bike is perfect for anyone 5’9″ and taller.