Most dates go much better than you think they will. Things just seem to work out once you are together. However, we’ve all had that date that just could not have gone worse. I bet that some more prep time would have helped that date succeed way more. This list of things to do before you pick up your date will make a dramatic difference in how smoothly the date goes.

1. Does everyone know what the date is? 

If you don’t know what you two are doing before the date begins I’m not sure this post is where you should start. If you are planning the date let the other person know what the activity will be and if there will be food. A quick text that says, “Just to let you know we are going to play Frisbee golf and eat dinner after,” lets the other person know what to wear and to not eat before. If it is a surprise girls love getting a text that says, “Tomorrow’s date is still a surprise but I’m wearing a button-up shirt and slacks, just thought you’d want to know.” 


2. Understand Any Food Restrictions.

Ask if there are any foods that your date hates or is allergic to. A post on Ask Men talks about how this is a great way to avoid a disastrous situation. People like knowing that you are thinking about them and any potential pitfalls so this inquiry is a great one. 


3. Look Good. Feel Good.

Everyone cleans up before a date and brushes their teeth so we won’t humor that as a suggestion in this post. However have you thought of working out before the date? Working out in the days leading up to the date will help with your confidence and make you feel and look better. Take a moment before the date to stretch and do some light exercise to get the blood flowing. It’s easier to think of witty comments when your brain is getting the oxygen it needs.


4. Pump those Tunes

Try adding your favorite pump-jams into your predate ritual. Music distracts you from whatever negative thoughts you might have and keeps you focused on how awesome you are and how much you’re about to crush this date. 


5. Don’t Start the Date Starving

Blood sugar levels are real and they can really affect your mood. Eat a snack before going on the date, especially if you are going to the museum before dinner. This will keep you more cheerful and you’ll enjoy the date more.


6. Do Some Homework

A little homework on your date is not a bad thing. You’ve looked him/her up on Facebook anyway. Look for food they like or places they might enjoy going. Don’t stalk too deeply though because asking questions you already know the answer to is weird.


7. Don’t Underestimate How Much The Other Person Cares About This Date

Men can spend up to $70 on getting ready for a date. Girls spend hours making sure their make-up is perfect and going through outfit after outfit before picking one. Neither the boy nor the girl should just assume their date thinks this is just another date.


A date is a team effort. It takes both people to be committed to having a good time for a date, especially a first one, to be enjoyable.

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